Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Exciting news everyone!

The official Lovestrands website has launched! Now offering an introductory promotion of 25% OFF services booked before April 9, 2010. Please visit our website for details and photos!


I'd also like to send special thanks to all my family, friends, and industry mentors who have supported Lovestrands during its infant stages. This launch is definitely a big stepping stone and another step closer to reaching my vision for Lovestrands. Cheers to success, good friends, and of course, beautiful hair! Hope to style you soon!

Linda Nguyen

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Just wanted to say thanks to all the ladies who have booked for the $20 promo. I received an awesome response!

Once I add just a couple more pictures to the online gallery, the official Lovestrands website will be launching, so check back soon!

Thanks again!

Linda Nguyen

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hello beautiful ladies!

Take advantage of my $20 HAIR PROMOTION: $20 for any hairstyle, for any event.

Purpose of promotion: To quickly build an online portfolio for my official hair design website launching in April 2010. I'm in need of lots more photos of my work.

To receive this promotion, clients must be willing to have their hair photos posted on my website. The photos will focus on the hairstyle and will likely be profile shots and photos of the back of the head. I won't post any face photos unless you are comfortable with it. You may even receive one or two headshots for yourself if time permits. A professional camera will be used for all photography.

Hairstyle Options

  • Updos

  • Partial Updos

  • Down dos

  • Hair teasing

Partial updos & full updos will get priority bookings as I have few pictures of these styles. Feel free to email me pictures of hairstyles you like.

More Details

  • Accepting bookings as of NOW for the remainder of February 2010 until March 31, 2010. Appointments booked for dates after this time frame will not receive this promotion.

  • Bookings can start as early as 3pm. Last booking will be at 10pm. Hair styling generally takes 45 mins but will take longer for updos.

  • Promotion is great for weekend events, birthdays, friends' birthdays, Olympic events, photography, and other endless occasions

  • If you are lucky enough to have a wedding in March and need a last minute hairstylist, take advantage of this promotion. If you need a bridal hair consultation for your summer wedding, take advantage of this promotion!

Please note: I am fully booked for weddings until the end of June 2010. July, August, and September dates are still available.

I've already booked a few ladies prior to even posting this note so act fast. I'm definitely looking forward to booking the rest of you!


I will be prompt with replies.

Talk to you lovely ladies soon!

Linda Nguyen